Ancient Trattoria

This is the old trattoria, made of tradition and innovation.
A place where we are inspired by the past, where the flavors of the territory and the most rooted Emilian traditions are always sought in a contemporary key.

Respect for the territory

La Zucca was born in the heart of the historic center of Reggio Emilia in the distant 60s framed in the now famous Piazza Fontanesi, then home to the fruit and vegetable market.

Born as an inn to welcome farm workers after an exhausting day behind the stalls, the Pumpkin is transformed into a restaurant.
In 1989 begins the story of Rosy and Roby who, renewing themselves with the passing of the seasons, always maintain an indissoluble bond with their territory.

A Look to the Future

2008 was a year of change. After so many years of service, the time has come to renew.

The restaurant needs more space to accommodate all its guests and so, at the end of June, it closes the historic headquarters in Piazza Fontanesi and decides to go to the countryside, in the Masone area, opening its doors on October 27th.

At this precise moment a new chapter in the history of the Pumpkin began, always remaining faithful to the tradition and hospitality of all time but with an eye to the future.

The staff

In time of Covid-19