Our kitchen

La Zucca is strongly oriented towards the perfumes and expressiveness of Emilian cuisine,
bringing to the table the maximum expression of this renowned area.
The tradition of the past with 30 years of experience.
An extremely dynamic cuisine that changes frequently,
based on the seasonality of the products and the Chef’s imagination.
Check our menu to stay up to date.
Rosy pie 9.5 €

Vegetable flan on PDO parmesan cream and balsamic vinegar of Modena.

Grilled vegetables € 10

Eggplant, courgette, endive, radicchio, pepper, onion and tomato.

Mixed cutting board € 12

Culatello, Parma ham, salami, coppa, cooked ham.

Rustic of cold cuts 11 €

Mortadella, pancetta, lard from colonnata, cracklings, bacon.

Piacentini hills cup 8 €


Parma ham 12 €


Culatello di Zibello 15 €


Piacentina bacon 8 €


Greaves 6 €


Colonnata lard 6 €


Salame Felino 8 €


Fried dumplings 0.6 € each


Cappelletti in broth 13
Cappelletti with meat sauce 13
Cappelletti with cream 13
Garganelli with tomato and basil 10
Garganelli with black truffle 15
Strozzapreti with Bronte pistachios 13
Pumpkin gnocchi 11
Ravioli with borage 13
Mushroom risotto 15
Risotto with red radicchio € 13
Pumpkin risotto 13
Green tortelli 13
Pumpkin tortelli 13
Tortelli with red radicchio 13
Tortelli with potatoes and leeks 13
Tortelli mix 13
Poker of tortelli 13
Tartar 6€

With strawberries and pineapple.

Sponge cake and custard 6€

Coffee flavored.

Sponge cake and custard 6€

The classic.

Fiorentina cream 6€

Orange flavored amaretti cream.

Apple pie 6€

Accompanied by cream ice cream.

Biscuits and raisin 8€

Handmade shortcrust pastry accompanied with sweet raisin wine.

Chocolate and spirits 8

Cocoa of various percentages accompanied by a wide choice of spirits.

Pumpkin ice cream 6€

With Parmesan D.O.P. and balsamic vinegar of Modena I.G.P.

Cream / pistachio / lemon ice cream 6€


Duck in orange sauce 17

Orange lacquered duck leg served with crispy chicory and spinach.

Arista with lemon 16

Stuffed with artichokes on green sauce.

Buffalo tartare 18

“Girasole” Reggio Emilia farm on a bed of aromatic herbs.

Roast-Beef carpaccio 15

Served with Russian salad and balsamic caramelized tropea.

Roasted blackberry ribs 15

With potatoes in a pan.

Lamb ribs 18

Grilled with vegetable caponata.

Canusine fillet 24

Accompanied by carrots, red radicchio and balsamic vinegar of Modena I.G.P.

Bull’s-eye of Ox 15

Smoked on a bed of rocket and Parmesan D.O.P.

Saddle of roasted rabbit 15

Served with apple alla spergola.

Grilled skewers 10

On green sauce

Skewer of red cow 18

300 g

Lamb shank in the oven 20

With vegetable caponata

Blackberry shank 15

With aromatic herbs and potatoes in a pan

Vegetable caponata
Onions with balsamic vinegar
Artichokes alla Romana
Rosy gardener
Mixed salad
Russian salad
Salad with Parmesan D.O.P.
Potatoes in a pan
Buttered spinach
Trio of vegetables
Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P.
Gorgonzola D.O.P.
Platter of cheeses and sauces